Personalize your property with a poster

Today’s home and interior trends are minimalist. Where space, lighting, and objects play equally important roles to only the necessary. With all of that natural lighting entering through your windows to shine upon those bare white walls, you might as well brighten up that space with a pop of your personality, and invest into something worth passing on to the next generation. 

Take it from me and my “space room” – the area of the house where I can lay out my yoga mat and stretch, or pick up the barbell for supplement weightlifting workouts. Since the purpose of this room is dedicated towards movement, any type of furniture is in my way would be knocked out of sight! But staring at these white walls would make anyone go crazy.

I thought about adding artwork onto the walls, but they were way out of my budget. I went online and came across the largest online original vintage Japanese movie poster shop,

Film is an art and these moving pictures contain a moral at the end that magically resonates with our spirit. I have watched films that empower me, bring me to tears, but also, seeing that babe or hunk from the film light up your wall to inspire you every day is not a bad idea!

Beyond expressing yourself through your favourite film, décor of any sort can affect you. Colours have an affect on our human behaviour, regulate mood and even suppress our appetite (at least, that is the case of the colour blue). Colour psychology was something I learnt when I was in highschool taking up IB Art. Colours have qualities that can cause certain emotions in people and even enhance the effectiveness of placebos. With this in mind, it would be nice to have some yellow to add happiness into your day, maybe green to keep you calm or bring in the love and confidence with red!

To add to the aesthetics, something that attracted me to Japan Poster Shop was the incredibly alluring designs of the unbelievable sizes available! Imagine a B0 plastered over your dining room! What a statement piece for when guests come over. A B1 to grace your living room or study to provoke thought and imagination. Perhaps a B2 to energize you after a good night’s rest.

With all of these extra large posters, there are some small ones you can even hang in the bathroom or nest on your desk at work. Otherwise, grab one of the standing STB posters to panel beside a door – there is nothing else like it in the world! An STB tatekan is uniquely from Japan.

That is something I must emphasize on, these original vintage Japanese movie posters are one-of-a-kind. They are an investment that has been passed down through lifetimes and now in your hands! Imagine how collectable, rare and priceless these pieces are. Some of the films star actors that are no longer around, directors whose pioneered the industry of film, and of course, in Japan, local artists are commissioned to paint a design specifically for the Japan release of the film! 

For the sentimental reasons, attractive aesthetics and invaluable investment for the long-term, you should drop by Japan Poster Shop and order your own today! They are currently doing 10% off to all first-time clients, and during special occasions, they have sales so be sure to sign up for their newsletter.