Brand Ambassador Program

The right woman with the right image to represent your brand, product, establishment or destination. Work with Raine Baljak as the voice, face or personality to connect the world to your company.

Runway & PrintAd Model / Product Endorser

Raine Baljak has graced runways, billboards, magazine covers, print-ads and TV Commercials across Australia, the Philippines, Vietnam and Canada working with world-renown designers and photographers.

Request for Model Lookbook through hi@rainebaljak.com or #RaineBaljakModels for more information.

Event Host

An event is made more special when you have the right host fit for the job to bring joy to a Birthday or Debut, communicate the message of a Brand or Company during the Grand Opening, or uplift and interact with a big crowd during a Beauty Pageant, New Year’s Countdown, Musical Festival or Wedding.

Request for Host Profile through hi@rainebaljak.com or #RaineBaljakHosts.

Radio Advertisement Voice-over Artist

The voice behind a brand is as important as a face. Hear the happiness, sweetness or sultry the next time you turn on the radio.

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Hosting Sample


Brand Ambassador Program

August 2017 was when we first met Miss Cebu 2016, Raine Baljak. She came to our restaurant, Shawarma Gourmet during the 1st week of the soft opening introduced by our Dubai work colleague, Miss Jude Sulla.

Thereafter, we became her favorite restaurant and she became our friend and family. Her intellect, wit, humor and kindness are values certainly way above her age average. She is really a gem and we are so proud of her. More Power Miss Raine!

Mr. & Mrs. Shawarma Gourmet Cebu, restaurant