Time Management

Time management does not come easy to everyone, but it is a skill you can develop by clearly identifying goals, allocating the necessary time to fulfill a task and each week achieving a goal, no matter how small or big!”

The strategy of planning and controlling available time and the time necessary to fulfill specific tasks in order to work more efficiently.

Effective time management is a skill that can be development and it starts with habits. The free downloadable PDFs below can help you manage your daily schedule to the dot of the hour, achieve a weekly goal or create hourly weekly plans. Download and print any of the files for your use to start getting organized.

If you have any trouble using the time table, weekly goal or weekly plan, then please do not hesitate to contact me or drop me a question! I am more than happy to help.

Daily Time Table

Each day there are specific tasks to fulfil, these tasks are to be noted in the to-do list section. Some examples, going to the gym, reading specific chapters of a book, tending to the garden, fixing that broken pipe, attending a lecture or meeting, and so on.

The tasks on the left can coincide with the time track on the right. The time track starts at 4am, and ends at 3am. The four columns are where you plot the allocated time and task.

Weekly Goal

The top right is where you identify a weekly goal. This can be nailing that personal record at the gym, completing an assement or report prior to the due date, or asking that girl you like out on a date and preparing materials ahead of time.

The first column on the left is where you can note the time, or special reminders. While the date columns throughout the week are where you can write your to-do list, tasks and even activities that work towards your weekly goal.

Weekly Plan

The weekly plan is not goal-centric, it is more similar to the time table. The time for the week starts at 4am and can end at midnight (24) or at 3am (located on the following page). For this time table, you can allocate the specific time necessary for a task.

Perhaps use a highlighter, and highlight over the time row and write over with the task you have in mind for that designated time.

What you lack in natural ability can be made up for in discipline.

Gabriele Raine Baljak

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