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How many times have you wandered cluelessly around the supermarket trying to buy the right product or dine at the right restaurant? How much time have you spent looking for the perfect book to read, or movie to watch?

It happens even to the most informed and organized of us. In our consumption-obsessed society, every day seems to be a search for the right product. The food you eat, the movies you watch and the books you read, the latest products for fashion and beauty items – all of these are part of our daily routine.

Food Review

Accurately conveying the taste, texture, smell, and presentation of a restaurant’s food to help you decide on whether or not your next food stop is worth the trip.

Book Review

Providing you a concise analysis and summary behind the next best book you could be reading without the spoilers!

Movie Review

Sharing an opinion on a movie or list you must watch to save you the search.

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