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Enjoy the visual and musical works of art to light up your life. The mediums used for these pieces are charcoal, coloured and graphite pencils, marker and ink, acrylic or watercolour paint. Interested in taking one home? Fill-out the contact form below for commissioned pieces.

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Beautiful Brains

The brain has been called everything from an enchanted loom, to an electrical storm, to a three-pound blob. It is the symbol of intelligence, the contrast to mind, the commanding organ of our bodies. The brain is oh-so many things, both culturally and biologically. Our brain is a mysterious and complex core where who we are lies. This mainframe determines our preferences and personalities, how we think, act, move and remember. There have been some major advancements in the last 40 years, but when it…

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Lonely Heart

A tactful method of developing one’s understanding of the human heart’s anatomy is through drawing it! One study reported that “when studying anatomy science, drawing is one of effective important methods because it is an integration of ideas and knowledge of vision thereby increasing comprehension and learning motivation of college students” (Joewono et al. 2018). In my personal test of these findings, I spent time on February 15th, 2022 to complete this watercolour and marker ink mixed media artwork of the human heart’s anatomy. The…

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Out of the ocean and onto the walls

In my previous article, the Drive Beyond Survival, I briefly touched-based on what to do if you hit the burnout stage in your studies. It is important to unwind through engaging in an activity that allows you to relax, like sitting down and doing nothing, or something you enjoy! When studying the sciences, it helps to draw the human anatomy to solidify your anatomical understanding, but it also does not hurt to draw something you enjoy. In my case, I picked up drawing from my…

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About the EP

Raine Baljak recently released her 6-track EP and this is the truth behind the lyrics of each song.

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Music is in my Blood

We all know Raine Baljak as Miss Cebu 2016, health and fitness coach at BaBeBoBs but we never knew she was a singer and songwriter at heart. Here’s her story uncovered.

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The Poster Community

Imagine streets flooded with foreigners bending their heads down as they enter winding stores filled with bookshelves overstocked from floor to ceiling. The crowds that would dig through piles of toppling bookshelves or poster bins have now vanished from the streets of Tokyo, Chiba, Nagoya, Kyoto, Osaka, Nagano, and Okayama. The prefectures listed above are only a few of the many locations needed to visit to replenish the stocks at the Japan Poster Shop. The brand has grown to being the largest Vintage Original Japanese…

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On my junior and senior year of high school, I pursued the International Baccalaureate’s Higher Level Visual Arts Programme. The following artwork were created between 2013 – 2015. Information about my art study and concept development can be given upon request. If you are interested in my skills and would like to request for a specific artwork or portrait to be created for you, I do commissioned pieces, so please feel free to contact me directly. To see more of my work, #RaineBaljakArt. The Luminous Giant | Metal Wire…

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