About the EP

Much can be said about this barbell-lifting, public-speaking, beauty queen fascinated with health, wellness and music-making.

This singer-songwriter’s soulful and raspy voice reminds us of Amy Winehouse, Stevie Nicks, Janis Joplin, Macy Gray and Aretha Franklin. While her songwriting style shares stories and poetic-rhymes from her experiences.


I debuted my 6-track EP released under my name thanks to a digital music competition between Universal Music Japan and Spinnup Japan. There are so many songs I have written throughout the past two decades that I’d love to share but for now, I thought to limit it to six which I felt best suit the situation at hand across the globe.

  1. Make It Out Alive is an anthem to 2020’s socio-political events; where life turned into a dream having to be quarantined indoors because of the COVID-19 Pandemic, this brought rising cases of anxiety and loneliness, global media focus on the presidential elections of the United States of America, and unemployment rate across the world.
  2. Strong & Invincible goes out to husband and wives, people in long-distance relationships and/or lovers separated between boarders due to country lockdowns. May this keep you hopeful and faithful to stay committed during these tough times.
  3. Just Pray is about the passing of my beloved uncle when I was nineteen. An abrupt passing that changed my life forever. This song goes out to anyone who lost a loved one.
  4. Written when I was fourteen, Run Run Run is the oldest song on the EP. The song is a story within my mind at the time. Listen carefully and sing-a-long.
  5. My grandmother passed when I was fourteen, and my uncle when I was nineteen so Heartstrong was written as a method to cope and find strength. Helping me remember them and find inspiration, singing this lullaby as a method of meditation.
  6. Growing up in Cebu (Philippines) rap and raggae has a huge influence in the local art and music scene. Changeling was written when I was seventeen, at the end of high-school years trying to find my identity and empowering the self.

There are so many special songs I have written and would love to share to the world. This pandemic made me realise how precious our lifetime is, so I finally gathered the courage and right opportunity to share what helped me get through my troubles. I hope they give you the inspiration and hope too.

Enjoy the Raine Baljak EP. It is a tease for the meantime as we wait for more music to be released