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Raine Baljak

Experienced motivational speaker to large and diverse audiences including working professionals from public and private sector; elementary to university students across the Philippines, Canada, and Japan.

Topics: Motivation & Empowerment, Posture & Poise, Public-Speaking, Health & Well-Being, Environmental awareness.

Past Clients: Two-time TedTalk Speaker, Global Shapers Speaker, Metropolitan Cebu Water Disctrict (MCWD) Speaker, Bloomberg Corporate Coach, Ateneo de Cebu: Sacred Heart School Speaker and much more.

Request a Public-Speaking Portfolio through hi@rainebaljak.com.

Breaking down barriers as a modern day Filipina

We are each born beautiful with our unique features, figure and finesse but the experience we have in life allow us to shine bright. Join my lecture to learn how to embrace your flaws, develop self-confidence and unleash your truest power!

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Start with the Mindset to Finish in Gifu

Start with the Mindset to Finish is a workshop I conducted in Gifu, Japan to a youth audience of foreign residents in need of stress management, communication skills development and connecting to their community. Learn about the workshop in this article.

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