Raine Baljak is Filipino-Australian who grew up across Asia but predominantly in the Philippines.

Her career started as an artist, print-ad and runway fashion model endorsing products and designers in the Asia-Pacific and the Americas. Maintaining tip-top shape in these industries sparked her interest to optimize health as a certified yoga teacher, barbell strength coach and AIDA 2 freediver.

After earning the beauty title as Miss Cebu 2016, she used this platform to spearhead projects to empower the youth and women through weightlifting, and develop remote communities in the Philippines through marine conservation and marine clean-up projects by freediving.

Baljak is a two-time TedTalk speaker who hopes to continue motivating individuals and uplifting spirits through workshops or one-on-one diet and fitness coaching at BaBeBoBs Beauty & Fitness Consultancy.

She has recently co-founded Japan Poster Shop, released her musical compositions on Spotify, and currently honing her knowledge and skills in the Health Science program at the University of South Australia.

This blog was created to connect and share suggestions for health, fitness, wellness, sciences and of course, her adventurous life.

I aspire to inspire before I expire

Raine Baljak

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