The little evidence of health benefits from organic Food, a Stanford Study finds

In my degree, we read and critically analyse a lot of research and data to determine if a hypothesis (or a claim) is true and valid.

This week in my Food Safety, Quality and Security course, we tackle the scientific evidence behind organic food, and since I was trained and certified and trained natural farmer, the results of the research is fascinating so I thought to share it with you.

Discover how there is NO verifiable differences between conventionally grown food and organically grown food from over 223 studies reviewed.

In other words, there is a lack of strong evidence that organic foods are significantly more nutritious or have fewer health risks than conventional foods, and here is why from a 2012 Stanford Medicine Article:

Further resources from the Healthcare Triage below. Thank you for your concise, succinct and well-presented findings.

1. Is organic food better for your health? NO and here’s why.

2. What is a meta-analysis and how truth

The next time you see “organic”, it is just fancy marketing to slap on an expensive price tag.