Hiking Mount Lofty, Adelaide

Each year, over 350,000 people visit the Mount Lofy Summit to enjoy the scenic view of the Mount Loft Ranges in the Adelaide Hills and the spectacular panoramic view of Adelaide city’s skyline to coast.

The peak ris­es more than 710 metres above sea level with Mount Lofty Sum­mit Vis­i­tor Infor­ma­tion Out­let and Gift Shop at the top to answer all of your tourism-related questions as well as access to the latest maps or advice on the walking trails or take home souvenirs like clothing, plushies and other locally producted gifts.

Enjoy hiking up the sum­mit by fol­lowing the pop­u­lar walk down to Water­fall Gul­ly, the Hey­sen Trail or stroll along a walk­ing trail through native bush­land to Cle­land Wildlife Park.

My Hiking Route

Starting point was at the Waterfall Gully Kiosk & Restaurant then we passed the first falls followed by the second falls and third falls until finally following the Waterfall Fully Trail up to the Mount Lofty Summit. The pathway is steep and concrete but safe for even the non-athletic individual.

Upon the descend, we took the more scenic and dirt road Chinamans Hut Track. We noticed that some climbers aged 60+ used walking poles to assist their ascend. The path is both rock, pebble, sand, and both loose and compact dirt so be sure that your shoes have grooves to prevent slipping or falling.

What to bring

  • A fully-charged cellphone with the emergency number 000 in mind.
  • A small shoulder bag or fanny pack can contain the following:
    • A packet of tissues if you have a runny nose, but please bring your litter home.
    • A powerbank with cable.
    • A wallet with an identification card, money cards and/or cash.
    • Medication (i.e., antihistamine) if necessary
    • Anti-itch ointment or moisturising lotion
  • Water – there are free water fountains available at the top of the summit.
  • Extra t-shirt or face twoel in the event that you sweat.
  • For hikers aged 60+, consider using hiking/walking poles if you plan to ascend the Chinaman’s Hut Track.

What to wear

If you are hiking during the autumn (March to May) or spring (September to November) seasons, then wearing a t-shirt and a sweater over is appropriate. Sometimes in autumn, there is rainy weather so a light raincoat is worth considering.

While for winter (June to August), it can get very cold, so please come prepared and dress appropriately because the higher up you go, the colder it gets, especially on a cloudy day.

Caution & Beware

Please keep in mind that you are hiking through a national park, so please do not litter or leave anything behind, and at all times, please avoid touching the wildlife and do not go too close to the wild animals like the kangaroos, wallabies, birds, and other creatures.

For more information, please visit the official National Parks and Wildlife Service website.


Journey to the Waterfall Gully Koisk & Restaurant where parking is available, accessible and free to the public.


There are toilets available near the parking lot of the Waterfall Gully Koisk & Restaurant and when you reach the top at the Mount Lofty Summit.