Diet & Fitness Coaching

Raine Baljak established BaBeBoBs Beauty & Fitness Consultancy in 2017, sharing health and wellness to guide individuals towards achieving mental peace, tip-top shape and exquisite physique through one-on-one in-person coaching.

Confidence starts from the self-care, so invest into yourself today through following your personalized training programs designed specifically for each unique individual.

Customized Training Programs

Exercise is a series of random movements, while training has a specific goal we will work towards. Achieve your desired physique through a customized fitness training program designed only for you by Raine Baljak.

Programs may consist of bodyweight, yoga routine, barbells, freeweights, or free-diving depending on the consultation. The duration of the program is set during the consultation. The consultation and drafted training program are a package.

Meal Planning

Confused with what to eat and bored of the same flavours? Let us help you achieve your weightloss, weight gain or managing weight goals with our meal planning service containing recipes guarenteed to work.

Diet & Fitness Coaching

Interested in getting the most out of your investment? Confused with how to follow the training program? Avail our digitally-based one-on-one coaching with Raine Baljak for thorough guidance on your diet and fitness regime for the duration of the program.

Interested in a Customized Training Program of your own, or Diet & Fitness Coaching?

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The Truth behind Well-Being


Diet & Fitness Coaching

I completed a month’s personal training and I’m really happy that I did because not only did she help me build strength, but also, helped me develop healthy habits. You have your own schedule, so she is focused on you while you are training. That’s a good thing because your form is watched while doing the exercises, determine whether you’ve reached your stress level and would teach you effective cool down exercises. Every session, you’re guided to achieve a goal and for me, it was to build strength.
Coach Raine is a great teacher and motivator by cheering you on when you feel like giving up, and most importantly, teach you substantial things.
Not to mention, genuinely takes good of care you (giving me a medicinal plant when I was diagnosed with dengue). You really release the tension within you, and maybe its the only gym where coaches ask you first how your day went before you start training. Muchas gracias, Coach Raine!

― Selle Laraya,Sales & Marketing

Diet & Fitness Coaching

It’s already my 5th session and you can already see improvements on your strength and form. I highly recommended you to start your training with Coach Raine now.

― Shella Geolagon, Businessowner