Out of the ocean and onto the walls

In my previous article, the Drive Beyond Survival, I briefly touched-based on what to do if you hit the burnout stage in your studies. It is important to unwind through engaging in an activity that allows you to relax, like sitting down and doing nothing, or something you enjoy!

When studying the sciences, it helps to draw the human anatomy to solidify your anatomical understanding, but it also does not hurt to draw something you enjoy. In my case, I picked up drawing from my mother because is a fashion designer and model who often drew paper dolls with me. While my uncle, my great-grandfather, and my grandfather’s brother would turn drift wood into stilt houses, create marble sculptures, and use butterly wings for portraiture mosaics!

My grandfather helped prioneer scuba diving in the island of Cebu, and my uncle is a freediver fond of spear fishing. During my trips with the boys, I often come across vibrant and mystical creatures of the sea. The sort that catches my attention most are siamese fighting fish. They are often brightly colored, aggressive freshwater fish (Betta splendens) native to Southeast Asia that has large fins and is now popular in home aquariums.

In 2017 I completed this acrylic painting using delicate strokes and dry brush techniques to revisit a serene moment in my life. Enjoy this portal into another world. To follow my art on Instagram, click here.

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