How do you lead your life?

You may be reading this locked between four walls in quarantine, or perhaps freely on a sandy beach under warm summer sunshine where lockdown measures have lightened. Wherever you may be, be strong, for your work in this lifetime is not done yet.

The moment you allow your environment to control your psychology, you have already lost the battle. With anything you do, your perception of the situation controls the outcome. So destroy the limitations of your own mind because the moment you think you have maxed out what is possible, you will miss the answers, innovation, and opportunities.

With this brilliant biology of a brain you were blessed with, unravel your potential and expand your mind through leadership. You have to convince yourself first. Lead your own life on your own terms – your thoughts, feelings, and actions. Live a life that you can truly stand by. Being a leader is not limited to a large follower count. It may increase your chance of influence, but unless you convince yourself, you will not be able to convince someone else. Here are three tips;

  1. Be Certain – about what you do, this drives you to commit to the process
  2. Believe – in what you do, endure and trust in your capacity
  3. Remember its Worth It
Captured in April 2020, Cherry Blossom Season

This is no small talk. The psychology of a leader changes a life, a business and even the world. A lot of people have skills, but don’t execute. You may be skilled but unless you execute, you won’t go anywhere because execution trumps knowledge every single day, and execution comes from changing psychology.

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