Corona of Renaissance Captured by Cody

A moment passes in a blink of an eye.


The first time Cody picked up the camera was when he was seven years old in Dubai, UAE. So fascinated by the features, he understood the value of capturing a moment – for they can never be replayed, relived or reexperienced. There is no repeat. Somehow though, all the emotions that you once felt in the presence of that moment rushes back in the sight of a picture.

Cody was born in the quiet and mostly rainy Tagum City, Davao, Philippines where the majority of his childhood was introvertedly indoors, or otherwise, out on his bicycle. By the age of six, he moved to Dubai and lived there until eleven years old, earning him the third-culture kid lifestyle transitioning into Middle Eastern society.

In those days, the country was not open, not welcoming of other cultures, especially the Filipino because of their prejudice that Filipinos are healthcare workers, nannies or cleaning professionals. With that stigma, Cody was warned by his parents not to play much outside because of the existing stigma of the danger in how people might view him. This led to school being the salvation for socialization where cultures would mix.

In some way, he developed a kind of “split-personality”, where he had one type of behaviour to meet the expectations at home, and another when he was at school surrounded by Jordanians, Arabs, and other Asians.

Somehow you have to develop another personality in order to fit into a group, and this had its positive and negative effects – though it helped me socialize, I thought that I was losing myself because of the lack of stability. That is something I still struggle with; when I meet friends, I am cheerful, open and charismatic, but when I am home, I am very silent and speak in a low tone to meet the expectations of my parents.


When Cody returned to the Philippines by twelve years old, it was a tough time with his parents going through separation, and his siblings were only toddlers then. Cody had to step up and at this fragile age by waking up early to prepare his siblings’ milk and change diapers. Though children his age had the luxury to play and do stupid things, he was obliged to pay bills and do budgeting. Resulting in Cody’s lack of freedom which he craved so much for.

He found salvation at fifteen years old when he first laid eyes on his crush. This puppy love inspired him to impress her. He wanted to imitate her likes and show something meaningful for them to connect, and so he picked up photography after learning she was very inclined to taking selfies.

Through the Samsung S4, which had a good camera at the time, he managed to capture captivating 4am sunrise shots of the golden hour lighting. In the process, he managed to swing the girl off her feet and she became his girlfriend, and though they out-grew their puppy love, Cody kept his romance with the camera diving into landscape picture-taking, to later earning his role as a wedding assistant and travel to various locations for prenups, on-the-day editing for wedding shoots, and jumping to fashion photography. 

Cody was 18 and finally, an individual ready to experience new things, new people and go outside where he earned the permission to while living with his father. He was studying to become a Medical Technologist at Cebu Doctors’ University and dove into portraiture capturing the complications behind the human face where all its muscles can only be seen within a series of images.

Cody decided Med-Tech was not for him, so he transferred to Physical Therapy at the same university and when COVID-19 hit mid-year through the course, Cody wanted to invest into productive time usage through an Annie Leibovitz’s masterclass online. It was so game-changing, so different from Cody’s existing style, and after he finished the course, he wanted change his entire portfolio, which he is working on right now in hopes to intern for the renown, Hyku Desesto.

Cody looks forward to getting out of this COVID-19 limited lifestyle between four walls and back into the freedom of the outdoors. Where he craves to be behind the camera capturing the freedom of the runway, where the fascinating folk of fashion openly express their emotions, and identity in the pieces they produce. Just like a man wearing a skirt and heels, or Billie Eilish in her baggy boys clothes.

It seems to me that fashion has no limit, like painting, it is all your perception to make what you see either beautiful or offensive.


It is perspective that brings you to have a conclusion for a photograph. Cody’s brand is about seeing the things people do not want to see. Beyond the unrealistic expectations and insecurity, “I want to showcase the true beauty and how brands can empower the individual. Giving my audiences the pure and acrylic art, like the art in the renaissance period. We need to uplift others, indulge in creativity, innovation and cultural appreciation.”

Cody admits that he may not have the opportunity to travel the world, and he knows what that feels like, so he yearns to share pictures to people who do not have that privilege. From his childhood limitations to stay home, he looks forward to opportunities to travel the world, meet new people, cultures and immerse himself completely into what is unknown to him and everything that comes with it.

Like documenting an African tribe and everything that I see is put into an art gallery showcasing the nitty-gritty real-situations exposed when killing a boar, skinning it in the jungle, and how this has cultural relevance.


Cody believes a renaissance is coming and he knows how to act fast. Driven to capture the essence of the subject in the purity of the situation.

Look out for what’s coming on his site.

* Disclaimer : All images in this article were Captured by Cody.