Gut health, microbiome, prebiotics, and probiotics.

How your health is linked to your gut bacteria? The biggest, complex, diverse and most important microbial habitat is our gut! It fights off infections, strengthens our immune system, signals cells, regulates our metabolism, how much energy we burn or how much fat we store. Some scientists even believe that diseases like colon cancer, diabetes…

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Our Gut Health briefly explained

This week in my Human Nutrition course at university, we are tackling the digestive system’s mechanisms in digestion, absorption and metabolism; as well as the gastrointestinal microbiome, prebiotics and probiotics. One of the course’s recommended content is this video, the Invisible Universe of the Human Microbiome. A very charming animation explaining our gut microbiome. That…

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Cacao, food of the Gods

I love chocolate, but when organizations like Harvard Health Publishing discusses the health benefits (like improved memory) with chocolate consumption, then I am sure you will find more reasons to love Philippine-made chocolate in this article about JN CACAO.

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Does alcohol contribute to weight-gain?

I do not want to be a party-pooper but when an individual is stressed it can affect their sleeping patterns, dietary discipline, or management of stress. Some clients result to alcohol-intake because it gives a feeling of relief and muscle relaxation. However, alcohol is a major contributor to weight-gain and it does not contain any…

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