Strength of Sanrio

The illustrious F CLUB gathers strong and brilliant poised professional women of various industries for an evening of exchange to examine the current business climate, discuss the political change of power and of course, tète-à-tète. From the warm welcome of “Hajimemashite” shared in the air, to networking with 名刺,めいし, the night was paired with exquisite cuisine and drink of choice in hand.

The star of this evening was Miss Aya Komaki, CEO of Saniro Puroland.

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Insight: The indoor amusement theme park, サンリオピューロランド Sanrio Puroland, opened its doors on December 7, 1990 entertaining over millions of guests per year at their Sanrio Characters boat Ride, My Melogy and Kuromi Ride, share a snapshot at Lady Kitty House and plenty more memories to make for a meet and greet, parade and show, or shopping spree.

Join the Cute & Crazy celebration this season as their doors have reopened and are ready to accommodate guests with their compliances of COVID-19 protocol and guidelines keep you warm for the Winter. Not only do they share a Small Gift, Big Smile, but also, Sanrio is a brand with consciousness and care for each of their customers.

Source: Google, July 2019

This was especially evident in my opportunity to personally meet Miss Komaki, who shared some very personal turning points that changed her life forever, earning her the position she has today, but also, her methods of management and communication with each member of the Sanrio Puroland team. 

            “This year is difficult but we cherish our credibility over profit”

Which is why they have made the early decision to close Puroland facilities on February 22, 2020 – a full month prior to the Japanese Government’s declaration of the Sate of Emergency – because the company is aware that they have to make a profit in order to support and maintain the facilities, but not at the risk of lives that truly matter. Which is why the Sanrio Puroland Brand will be releasing a new service in November 2020, aimed towards gathering support from their loyal patrons and followers online to keep the brand afloat.

During the timeline of the closure, Miss Komaki and her team were diligently developing the personas of the Sanrio Characters through digital-based interaction with followers.  In the process, the company gained a new method of instruction through 15 to 40-minute morning meetings for three months, which taught the workforce the value of talking and sharing ideas, the need to act fast and the importance of grit.

After those three months, the workforce returned to the office with a positive “noticeable change in the atmosphere” by the President (at the time) and original founder, Mr Shintaro Tsuji. Credit for such change came from Miss Komaki’s communication and psychology background where she titles it as her “Three Ways of Approach,” consisting of;

  1. Be Friendly
  2. Be Soft-Spoken
  3. Do not Fear Failure

The room filled with laughter and nods of agreement from the prominent professionals that graced the room. The evening ended with a series of questions and one was about the Sanrio character, Aggretsuko, who might be making more anime appearances.

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