Book Review: Studying Science at University

Every individual aims to excel in their chosen field and if university is the next step for you, but fear that you lack the skills for the sciences, then consider reading this book, ‘Studying Science at University‘ by Clare Rhoden and Robyn Starkey.

It contains top tips that will develop your scientific writing skills, how to improve your study habits, time management, understand how to read assessments, prepare for exams, and become a more efficient student of the sciences.

When I graduated high school in 2015, and started my university education in 2019. I was incredibly nervous because for those four years in between, I was working and doing most reading and researching on my own based on the cases and conditions of my clients, not following a curriculum.

Although I am an avid reader, it requires a different skill to actively learn, effectively remember what you have learnt, find time to study, and develop the reading skills for research, study or different academic purposes. For these reasons, I invested into this book second-hand and took the time to read it in between my studies and before my bedtime. So in terms of finding time to read, one just has to make the commitment if the content is necessary towards your overall growth and development.

This book came to me while I was digging through my university’s study resources available on their website. One of the PDF handouts available at the time was titled, “Tips for Studying in the Sciences” and on the bottom of the 3-page document, it noted this book as one of their references.

The images above are my own captures of the book’s contents for your reference. It covers all the skills necessary to manage scientific studies at university level:

  • Time management
  • Note taking
  • Lab and fieldwork
  • Reading
  • Scientific writing, which is highly academic and formal language and structure
  • Studying for exams
  • Learning groups
  • Practical advice on adapting to university life and dealing with problems along the way

The content in the book is based on the experiences of hundreds of students studying all the science disciplines, and reveals how students make the most of their time at university. Studying science at a tertiary level is challenging. Some students who were high achievers in high school find that their study strategies do not bring the same results at university.

This concise book is aimed at students of all the science disciplines, and is an accessible introduction to university life. I highly recommend this book to those of you who are thinking of, or currently are studying science in university. All the best of luck with your studies and if you found this book equally helpful or have any questions you’s like answered, then drop it in the comments below!