Three skills to increase productivity

Why wait for the new year when it’s a new month! It’s time to set goals, make plans and achieve them! Here are three skills that you can acquire this month to make your daily life better and more efficient.

Touch typing

I was introduced to this in the 3rd grade and I never realized how incredibly valuable this skill is for me. For those that are unfamiliar with the phrase, touch typing is also referred to as “blind typing” where the typer is looking at the screen without having to gaze down at the keyboard. This muscle memory helps increase productivity and can help get you further in your careers of this digital age.

My teacher in elementary was Disney’s Typing with Timon and Pumba, but for you, I would recommend the TypingClub, which is completely free with a few advertisements.

Keyboard shortcuts

If computers will take over the world, then it is best to equipt yourself with the keyboard shortcuts necessary for computer efficiency. These are controls like Copy (Ctrl + C) and Paste (Ctrl + V), and many, many more!

There is no single resource I would recommend for keyboard shortcuts only because there are many resources available through a simple online search. What I would recommend is becoming familiar with the functions from the menu of applications like Microsoft Word and Powerpoint, and practising your memory so that this skill comes automatically. It will save precious seconds in your day.


Human beings are biologically designed for movement, while the ability to read and comprehend symbols in language is something that involves time and practice! By setting reading goals can allow you to improve your reading. Another is finding an attachment towards a gripping and thrilling book to keep you focused towards achieving your reading goals.

  • A website that generates random reads for you is called, What Should I Read Next?
  • While GoodReads allows you to make an account to track your progress, search for books, gain recommendations and connect with like-minded bookworms!

BONUS! If you are up for a challenge…

Learn a foreign language

Most people, including myself, get inspired when they learn a new language and this is because it rewires your brain by using different areas. There are many free resources available on the internet, such as textbooks, workbooks, blogs, podcasts, YouTube Videos, and even applications like Duolingo that help make the language learning a fun game. Try it out and immerse yourself in a new language which that will expose you to a different culture. This is how you will become a global citizen.

Good luck on your development and let me know in the comments below if you tried any one of the skills!