Free Student Resources

An education can get expensive but here are some free websites and programs for students in high school, university or life to help improve your learning process and get organized!

Study Buddy Programs

Anki Flashcards

A desktop version is available as it is power-packed with customizable features.


Enjoy making simple learning tools like flashcards, games and learning tools to help you study anything!

Presentation Pograms


A dynamic and engaging way of creating meaningful presentations by zooming in and out of different items and showing relationships at a different point of view.


An easy-to-use graphic design website perfect for creating brochures, business cards, pamphlets and other content creations needs.


Microsoft Onenote

A great application for swift note-taking that integrates handwriting tools too! This application syncs across any device.


A free word processing software that is very similar to Microsoft Word. It may have an outdated appearance but works great if your institution does not sponsor Microsoft Suite for students.

Citation Softwards for research


Their online writing center now offers a number of services from starting a new citation, to managing existing bibliographies and saving them for later. There are even features to scan your paper for plagiarism and grammatical errors.


Helps build a bibliography for essays and papers at both high school and university level.


There are all different websites that offer storage at a basic amount and if you feel the need to upgrade for more storage space then you may add-on for a fee.

  • Google Drive
  • Dropbox
  • OneDrive

Calendar and Organization

Google Calendar

An excellent cross-platform calendar that integrates well with email invitations.

Google Keep

Allows you to store notes onto your phone if you are on the go.


A to-do application that may take over your Google Keep.

Media Applications

Simple Scanner

For quick scanning and storage of important documents wherever you go, this is an application for emergencies! Some phones have this built in to their camera, but in case yours does not, then enjoy it for free on iOS and Android.


A mobile application that allows you to save articles, blog posts and more for later reading. If you need to peruse content on your phone during your commute then this is an application you will use if you have content you cannot read in the moment but would like to, later! For more information check out this description by A Young Doctor’s Journey.

Educational Entertainment


If you know how to search for the right thing, then you are able to come across lectures, tutorials and lessons on your university course topics – like biochemistry, medicine, psychology, etc.


This music player lets you create your own playlist or listen to others’. Enjoy relaxing music and podcasts on this application that is free with advertisements unless you are willing to pay for the student discount.

Podcast Republic (Android) or Overcast (iOS)

Enjoy listening to your favourite podcast on the way to or from class, or even during banal chores.


Collect ideas and inspiration for everything from notetaking tipcs, medical mnemonics, study hacks, easy recipes, etc.