Reflections on the Iceberg Illusion

I normally write a new article at 6 am (GMT +9) every two days on this blog, but ever since returning to Cebu (in the Philippines) from Tokyo (Japan), my schedule has been erratic from an unbelievable demand of more pressing matters resulting in my blog writing taking a backseat. However, last night, I finally managed to sleep early (before 9 pm) which allowed me to wake up at 2:30 am today giving me a head start to accomplishing a lot – from journaling to reviewing my Japanese language skills, making a new post on Instagram then responding to messages and debating with internet trolls (which by the way, helps enhances one’s professional writing skills and grace). All before breakfast and business later. Now that I am able to sit, reflect and write, I realise something;

If you want to achieve more than average person, then be prepared to work harder than the average person.

Raine Baljak

Notice the image of the iceberg illusion featured at the top of this article? This is a visual representation of how much we do not see behind the scenes. There is an uninconceivable amount of time, effort and work one will invest into achieving the lifestyle or career of their dreams, or definition of success. That is something I want to highlight in this article – the desire for something so bad that all you think, breathe and live is achieving that desire.

I was recently on the phone with a friend in Tokyo and we were pondering: how come and why some people are so unmotivated in their lives? They may have a dream, but why are they unwilling to invest the energy towards achieve it?

If you have a dream, never allow anyone to tell you want you can, and cannot do. If you are unsure of where to start, then investigate and do some research to discover what steps you can take in order to achieve your dreams. If you are unmotivated and stuck, do not worry. It is part of the journey so perhaps take a break to refresh yourself. Something I enjoy doing when I feel unmotivated is listening to powerful messages on repeat, such as this one:

In life, you will face challenges that will test you, but as long as you stay focused and committed, you will get there. Remember, you are not alone, and fortunately in this digital age, there are many ways to connect to like-minded individuals to prevent you from going astray. Believe in yourself, be patient with your unique journey, and I wish you all the strength necessary.