We are constantly requested by government officials, political leaders and other notable individuals of our society today to wear a mask and stay home. It’s been brought to my attention that there are people who fail to comprehend the risk associated towards not properly taking care of yourself like hygiene, or the necessity of wearing a mask. In a recent YouTube Video, I talk about this – our choices have consquences.

But to help lighten the mood, I’m wearing a shirt that writes, “Hi-ki-ko-mo-ri” (aka ヒキコモリ) which does not directly translate to “stay home,” but rather, it’s a Japanese term to for a mental illness considered as acute social withdrawl, where the individual pulls inward, prefers being confined in the solitary life away from the public. To expand your understanding, checkout this JapanTimes link.

The reason why I say to help brighten up the mood is because with all of these lockdown measures to stay home, it can mess with the psyche and mental sanity. So to brighten up the mood, I made a video to help you understand the importance of wearing a mask. At the same time, this uniform I wear with pride will help contribute towards us all being able to finally leave our homes and reenter the big wild world.

Look cute with your loved ones by comfortably staying home dressed in our shirts. Just drop me an email at rainevalkyrie@gmail.com for your order, we offer sizes in XS to XL.