Portions Please

Last night’s dinner was Shabu-Shabu. We used an induction hob to heat the cast iron sukiyaki pot as we boiled chinese cabbage, negi onions, an assortment of mushroom, tofu and sliced pork meats. After they have come to a boil, we pick up with chopsticks and dip into our sauce bowls and dine. This Japanese dish is considered healthy due to low fat, high-veggies and soup that will fill-up your tummy and warm the spirit during the cold autumn or winter season.

Not long after, I was asked, “Raine, you never seem to gain weight!?” and to my astonishment, I have managed to maintain my body-weight between 56 to 58kgs for the past ten years. Though my palate of favourite foods seems to have changed over the years, as well as dietary needs… I reflected and a huge contributing factor is the mindfulness while eating. This means being aware of the feeling when hungry, satisfied and unpleasantly full.

The health of an individual is dependent on their unique dietary and lifestyle needs; and to better explain this concept, this video of a speech I gave will best educate you on the topic.

There is no quick fix when it comes to losing weight, gaining weight or maintaining weight, but I hope this makes it simple for you:

Eat more = Calorie Surplus = Weight Gain

Eat Less = Calorie Deficit = Weight Loss

And so, if you are looking to manage your calorie intake then the simple portion plate is the best place to start for your lunch and dinner meals. Breakfast is generally light and will be discussed in another article. The suggested portions for this plate are as follows:

Leafy Green Vegetables are recommended to be eaten first to activate the digestive system since they are water and fibre rich. This is the area of the meal where you deserve to binge. Examples are chinese cabbage, cabbage, green beans with carrots, spinach, salad, and the list goes on.

Followed by meat. The portion per meal should be 150grams uncooked. Examples of meat are; pork, chicken, beef, fish, seafood (such as crab, lobster, shellfish, squid, octopus) and so on.

Last to be eaten is carbohydrates because they will fill you up and give you that energy for later. Now if you are on a weightloss program then I recommend 1 cup cooked of mais (aka corn grits) or rice of any colour, or 1 piece of sweet potatoes. For weight-gain, then I recommend mashed potatoes, bread, pasta, lasgna, cereals, processed carbs (such as pizza, doughnuts) but the portions for these may vary.

We are only at the surface of so much information, so if you need help with meal planning, especially when working on a budget, then I would be happy to help you on your dietary program. Just shoot me an email at hi@rainebaljak.com for our diet and nutrition planning services.