Feeling overwhelmed? Try this.

Step 1: Get everything out of your head and onto paper by listing out everything you are worrying about.

Step 2: Look at your list and place a star next to anything that is within your control. To help guide you with where you have power or responsibilty, check out this article.

Step 3: Look at everything that does not have a star next to it. Consciously decide if you are going to put these worries to rest for awhile, or choose when you would like to revisit them.

Step 4: Return to anything you starred and choose one to focus on. Now make a plan and take small steps towards addressing that worry.

Overtime, this exercise will help teach you how the different elements of control and impact, build on your sense of self-efficacy and resiliance, and practice acceptance for what is outside of your control. Through practice and consistenccy you will be able to overcome all that is overwhelming you and no longer will you find it stressful.

If you want to better understand the upside of stress then I highly recommend this book. If this article was helpful, give it a like or share it to someone who might benefit from this exercise!