Dear friend,

There are demons that lurk in the depths of the mind and burst at the blast of a trigger in real-life. We each hold our own demons inside, but you cannot let them take flight. The manifestations of these demons can result in catastrophic aggression, depression or even, suicide. I have seen what these demons have done to my friends, I have seen what these demons can do if you let them win.

Other monsters take form as professionals that prescribe, medication, sedatives at prices unimaginably high; even for therapy session where you sit to confide, only for them to label you with a title that you may have. You may find solace in the sanctuary of their four walls. You may find peace or revelation from the ability to talk to someone who listens with open ears. For the price you pay in order to obtain these sweet treats of the modern medicine, is it all really worth it?

For you are an evolving being, created with divinity and beauty within. If you let anyone define, label or belittle you, then you are truly unaware of your own self-worth.

There was a doctor I have encountered in my lifetime and personally I would say she is one of the good ones. Between moss green trees and the sight of fresh flowers, the sounds of birds guide you to her hidden sanctuary in the clouds. From the door to the sofa the essence of lavendar drenched the room, you would sit at the sofa across a water pool. Overlooking the island of Cebu, there I would really say peace is found on earth.

She has a unique method of blending naturopathic practise with science, and had a deep belief that only you can fix yourself; and so I took her practise into heart. For the years that passed since we last spoke, are the years I invested into discovering my own answers.

I was always into sports from competitive rock climbing between the age of 7 to 14 years old. Followed by volleyball, football and basketball between 14 to 18 years old. I was never once injured from the heights I would climb, but only on the fields of the land against other young adolescent teens did I discover the pain of injuries and ligament tears.

With a fitness enthusiast mother, I explored what alternatives can I try to ease the physical pain and emotional unrest. So I openly fell into the arms of yoga, earning my teacher training and mastering my understanding of the balance between breathe and body. For when you can control your breath, you can control your life.

After the flexibility and sanity I found, I explored other methods of rehabilitation and what I learnt in yoga I transposed to the barbell, and there, the peace I found is incomparable.

When you hear a woman lifts a barbell, you think she would get bulky, big and gigantic like Hulk, but that assumption based on rumours is not fact, especially when I am living proof that not only did I develop physical strength to endure the pressures of my life, I also become more emotionally aware and mentally at peace. Each lift you must breathe and brace the belly and magically, all the stress of daily life relieved through the productivity of each lift.

From there, I tested my capacity diving in to the depths of the sea holding my breath and plunging into the darkness of my mind. No tank, no regulator and all that I was taught as a scuba diver, I had to let go. For this time, it was me with only a mask and fins into the sea. You cannot freedive if there is something in the mind for the focus on breath required is so demanding. One split second you think of something, is the moment when you begin gasping for air and a desire to return to the surface. If you have the mental strength to endure, then you will see what ethereal beauty lies underneath. What creatures of magic and mystery lurk in the water that openly approach you.

That is the the beauty of proper programming, it allows you to become more self-aware and conscious about your spirit and being. The specific rest time in between a rep or set during a lift. The variety of movements you can perform to achieve your specific goal. Each individual is unique and there is no one equation to achieve your goal. It is all a matter of what are you willing to invest your time into in order to become your best self.

For only you can find the courage to accept your faults, flaws and acknowledge your self-worth.
For only you can gather your strength in order to develop the self.
Only you can pick yourself up when you fall.
And only you can battle your demons.

My friend, the next time you look in the mirror, ask yourself,

What life do you want to live?

The next time you result to substances, ask yourself,

Is it really worth it?

There is beauty in life that surrounds you, only if you are aware enough to see its truth.

My name is Raine Baljak, and I am here for you,
but before you drop me a message,
take a deep breathe,
then ask me,
how to perform it properly.