Kick-start better habits and choices here

I once read a story about a woman named, Amanda Malcolm-Brown, who bartended in nightclubs where drinks were $17 each and a majority of people would pay-up, with a tip, no questions asked, and then return for more (or spend thousands on bottle service).

She also manages a cold press juice shop in West Hollywood, where a bottle of organic fruit or veggie juice full of vitamins and nutrients was $10. People were outraged and questions, “are you serious? $10 for a juice!?” then begrudgingly hand over their money.

Unfortunately, this story is an example of how the majority of the 21st century’s views investing into their health. It is common to find people spending $100 a month on lattes, or hundreds on alcoholic beverages and eating out. Yet investing $80 on a gym membership, therapy or $10 coaching program appears to be a burden, or expensive. Then these individuals wonder, why don’t I feel good? Why aren’t I reaching my goals?

These are the same people who spend their time scrolling through social media, complaining about society, streaming movies or videos online and protesting that they never have enough time to read, mediatate or jog. Only when a health problem like a chronic condition pops out down the line is when you start to begin making changes into your lifestyle and habits.

Thoughts and ideas are merely dreams, while actions show where your priorities are.

Reflect on your life lately. Are you having a difficult time with your health, happiness, relationships, business, or any goal you would like to achieve? This is not only about money, but we are talking about your energy, time and attention. It is vital to one’s survival by giving yourself more especially in health. And if you are worried about the price of getting started, then you should start seeing the cost of staying exactly where you are.